More than just managing fields & attributes, it's about how 
Product Information helps keep your business connected.

It's all about Experiences.

We are in an increasingly demanding Experience Economy.​

As the lines blur between our traditional ideas of B2B and B2C and we face a world where digital shopping is a new 'norm', consumers are demanding even more from their online experiences.

As the base for all your transactions, it is more than the just the content itself but how it is created, how it is managed and how it connects, relevantly, to support the different needs of your teams, your suppliers and your customers.

The question, then, is not whether you need a focus on
Product Experience. Rather, it is a question of can you afford not to? 

What benefits could your Product Information deliver if it could -

  • Generate content more easily, leveraging AI to support creation?

  • Automate workflows to help govern content changes?

  • Ensure complete & correct content is presented to customers?

  • Enable more easily identification for order, pack & delivery efficiency?

  • Better integrate to support a variety of different publishing outputs?

  • Engage suppliers to more actively manage content for their range?

What can a good
Product Experience
help achieve for your business?

By streamlining information to support pick & pack and help reduce
return rates

By activating workflows to connect offerings quickly & more relevantly with customers

By providing users easier access to product information that helps them deliver to their role




By helping ensure product content is complete & correct to better support customers' choice.

By delivering a correct & connected product journey that delivers what's been promised

By delivering more relevant, consistent & trusted experiences to support product decisions..




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