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A good Customer Experience starts with an equally good Product Information Experience...

and that's where we come in!

Welcome to PiXCo.

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With so much buzz about the Customer Experience
it seems we are forgetting where it all starts from.

Put simply, it starts with the Product Information Experience.

As business spaces quickly transform into digital marketplaces, Customers are demanding more than just online product catalogues. 

Across Category Management, Marketing, Warehousing, Sales, and Service Delivery, Product Information is the lifeblood connecting daily operations. Delivering a quality product experience requires the ability to also successfully manage and deliver quality in your product information.

PiXCo is a unique consulting and software development company dedicated to providing a full suite of services to support customers in getting more out of their Product Information Experience.

We are passionate about helping businesses achieve improved information quality,
as this helps support an improved experience, for customers and internal teams.


Offering unique experience spanning product data, applications design, advanced analytics and organisational change management, we are known for applying an agile approach and commercial mindset in answering business information challenges. 


What can a focus on the Product Information Experience help deliver?

Be more connected -

Better support the output needs of your teams, your suppliers and your customers from online channels & marketplaces, physical spaces & print materials.

Reduce operational risk  

Ensure what is used and consumed is complete and correct, to better enrich both the online and in-store experiences of your customers. 

Enable scale 

Help improve your operational efficiencies and reduce overall risk by delivering content more accurately.

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