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Like bee to honey - we help businesses harvest the sweet stuff to get better at Connecting quality Product Information to enrich the Customer Experience.

What do we do?

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With experience across the whole experience cycle, we provide support in Product (PXM) Platform implementations, Advanced Analytics and API Connector Solutions

We collect, harness & connect Product Information so it can really live - allowing your teams to move beyond just content management, to the crafting and enabling of more authentic Product Experiences.

We Connect

By delivering successful
PIM Platform Implementations & System Integrations
from our global leading,
better 'connected', solutions 

We Collect

By sourcing & harmonising information spanning dispersed systems, then applying
Advanced Analytics to help improve data quality 

We Harvest

We design, develop and deliver 
a wide range of innovative

Connector Applications
to harvest the potential of a more enriched Product Experience.

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